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Mensch In

Dear public,

Mensch In

The artists – the association Karawanserei Dresden is proud to present their newest project  Mensch’’In .

This live act is a street performance in the hurt of the Bunte Republik Neustadt - Parkplatz, Alaunstrasse- and brings together the work of several artists.

 Mensch’’In is a story for grown-up children set in a landscape that takes us back to the World of Jules Verne.

 Mensch’’In is an 80 minutes trip to the Wonder World – Magicians and Modern Dance, Tango Argentino, Music – Improvisation, African drums.

The star attraction of this performance is the impressive "air-pyramide" architecture allowing a photo slide show to be projected at three different fixed, rotating or even flying screens. The whole show is a fusion of the artists Worlds.

There are 26 artists from the three continents America, Africa and Europe: they all live in Dresden and offer you a part of their culture diversity.

The Artists – association Karawanserei Dresden - is very grateful for your interest and would be happy to answer your questions or provide any further information.

Bruno Philipps